kuniyaki 国焼
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Lit. country fired. An expression used by tea masters in the Edo period to refer to ceramic tea caddies *chaire 茶入, fired in kilns other than in Seto 瀬戸, in Aichi prefecture, or Kyoto. Among the well known kilns that produced kuniyaki were those at Bizen (*bizenyaki 備前焼), Karatsu (*karatsuyaki 唐津焼), Satsuma (*satsumayaki 薩摩焼), Shigaraki (*shigarakiyaki 信楽焼), and Tanba (*tanbayaki 丹波焼). In recent years however, kuniyaki has become a generic term for ceramics, tea ceremony bowls and daily utensils made anywhere in Japan. This is to distinguish these from pieces made in China or Korea.

*wamono 和物

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