kongousaku 金剛柵
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also kongougaki 金剛垣. A fence made of vertical stakes with decoratively shaped tops resembling the *kongousho 金剛杵 (Sk: vajra, diamond pounder), a ritual object used in esoteric Buddhist rites. In cross section, the stake is triangular and has three indentations, suggesting the three-pronged ritual object sanko 三鈷. The stakes are used to protect the statues of the deity *Niou 仁王 (*Kongou rikishi 金剛力士; Sk: Vajrapani) from sightseers. The stakes themselves are called kongou. Sometimes the fence is painted green. The Niou statues are placed on either side of the gate called *nioumon 二王門 and are believed to ward off evil.
Ninnaji Nioumon 仁和寺二王門(Kyoto)


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