kirizuma yane 切妻屋根
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called *ryousage 両下 or ryouka 両下. One of the simplest types of roof with both sides spreading outward at an angle from the ridge *munagi 棟木, and terminating with their eaves extending beyond the walls. The edges of the gable ends are called kirizuma 切妻. The triangular space created at each end is a gable pediment called *tsuma 妻. Since the ends of a gable roof appear cut off, they are called kiriotoshi 切落. Examples: Sumiyoshi Taisha Honden 住吉大社本殿 (1810), Osaka; Nishina Shinmeiguu Honden 仁科神明宮本殿 (1636), Nagano prefecture.
Houryuuji Denpoudou 法隆寺伝法堂 (Nara)
Houryuuji Denpoudou 法隆寺伝法堂 (Nara)

*kirizuma-zukuri 切妻造  

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