kinpekiga 金碧画
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. gold and blue painting.

1 A decorative style of Chinese landscape painting that originated in the Tang dynasty. Usually, gold paint kindei 金泥 was employed for the outlines and texture strokes of the trees and rocks, producing a colorful and decorative effect. See *kinpeki sansui 金碧山水.

2 Also called *dami-e 濃絵, a decorative style of Japanese painting using gold foil *haku 箔, bright mineral pigments, and raised surfaces *moriage 盛上げ. Although color paintings with a gold background seem to have been produced as early as 10c in *yamato-e やまと絵, the style is usually associated with paintings after the 16c. It is found on sliding doors, walls and screens, where strong colors were applied on a background of gold foil.

*kinpeki shouhekiga 金碧障壁画

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