KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Originally kaya 上屋 (on top of the house). A proto-modern generic term for the grass and reeds used to thatch roofs. Kaya is often translated as zebra grass or miscanthus and is common for thatching roofs. Pampus grass susuki 薄, is often used for both roofing and in making matchstick blinds *sudare 簾. Ditch reed yoshi 葭 is exceedingly durable for roofing, but tends to slide off more easily than pampus grass so is less popular. The eave-ends of ditch reed are finished by pounding with a smooth surfaced tool called menashi gangibou 目なし雁木棒. The other grasses and reeds are trimmed neatly with shears. Other plants utilized are a cogon grass chigaya 白茅 or sedge suge 菅.

*kayabuki 茅葺

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