Karura 迦楼羅
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
1 Garuda. see *hachibushuu 八部衆.

2 A gigaku mask *gigakumen 伎楽面 representing the mythical Indian bird Garuda and one of the Buddhist Eight Deva Guardians hachibushuu. Although no choreography is known for this single gigaku bird dance, performed from the 8c to 12c, notations suggest it probably had a fast tempo. The bird face has an upward-swinging, curved beak clasping a small bead. The pointed ears and beady crossed eyes and vivid red and green colors evoke a fabulous creature. Karura masks range from the very fleshy, deeply carved one at Houryuuji 法隆寺 (7c) to later, more abstract versions from the 8c.


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