karaishiki 唐居敷
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also pronounced karaijiki. An abbreviation of kara-ishishiki 唐石敷.

1 A thick rectangular block of stone (sometimes a thick wooden plank) set under gate pillars and door jambs *houdate 方立. A hole is bored into each slab to receive the lower pivot hinge of a gate. A kick board *kehanashi 蹴放, runs across the threshold to form a base board which is higher than the karaishiki, against which the gates close tightly. .

2 Sometimes referred to paving stones placed on the interior and exterior of a sill *jifuku 地覆.
Houryuuji Saion'in Agetsuchimon 法隆寺西園院上土門 (Nara) Houryuuji Saion'in Agetsuchimon 法隆寺西園院上土門 (Nara)
Houryuuji Saion-in Agetsuchimon 法隆寺西園院上土門 (Nara)


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