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Also called iga いが. Lit. cusp.

1 The point where two curved lines or forms meet. The junction point of the right and left sides of an undulating bargeboard *karahafu 唐破風. The term loosely used has taken on the meaning of any pointed part within a curvilinear form. Occasionally, it is used to refer to curvilinear forms that are cusped but do not have points.

2 Ibaradaruki 茨垂木 are curved rafters that have points that can be seen under the eaves of a gate or entrance which has an undulating bargeboard. These rafters are also called wadaruki 輪垂木. Even the vertical sides of the bracket arm *hijiki 肘木, on the Hokkiji *Sannjuu-no-tou 法起寺三重塔 (706) in Nara, for example, have slightly inward curves that form points referred to as ibara.
Zuiganji Onarigenkan 瑞巌寺御成玄関 (Miyagi)
a) wadaruki 輪垂木  b) ibara 茨  c) *karahafu 唐破風
Zuiganji Onarigenkan 瑞巌寺御成玄関 (Miyagi)

*kumohijiki 雲肘木

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