houko 宝庫
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also houzou 宝蔵, shinko 神庫, itakura 板倉, banzou 板蔵, sazou 叉蔵. A storehouse for the precious possessions belonging to a shrine. It evolved from the ancient timber storehouse. Since a shrine is considered the dwelling place of a god, the houko contains those things offered to the god. In the ENGISHIKI 延喜式, a book which outlines Shrine procedures during of the Engi 延喜 era (901-22.), there are innumerable lists of materials used as offerings to shrines during festivals. Examples: Kasuga Taisha Houko 春日大社宝庫 (1385-88) in Nara. This 2 x 2 bay building is an itakura type, i.e.,horizontal board construction with a floor raised about the ground slightly less than one third of the vertical height of the shrine wall. Tamukeyama Jinja Houko 手向山神社宝庫 (Nara period) in Nara, located at Toudaiji 東大寺. It is a 3 x 2 bay log-type storehouse.

*azekura 校倉, *dozou 土蔵

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