hokushuuga 北宗画
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: beizonghua. The northern school of Chinese painting as opposed to the Southern school of painting *nanshuuga 南宗画. A division advocated by Ming critic Dong Qichang (Jp: Tou Kishou 董其昌, 1555-1636) in order to discriminate professional painters from literati artists. The academy style painting *intaiga 院体画 associated with the Southern Song painters Ma Yuan (Jp: Ba En 馬遠, act. late 12c-early 13c) and Xia Guei (Jp: Ka Kei 夏珪, act. 1194-1224), which was revived in the Ming dynasty by painters of the Zhe school Seppa 浙派. The vigorous brushwork typically seen in the ax-cut strokes *fuhekishun 斧劈皴 and the diagonal or one corner composition *henkaku no kei 辺角の景 are characteristics of the Northern school style. Hokushuuga had a direct influence on the development of Japanese ink painting *suibokuga 水墨画 during the Muromachi and Momoyama periods.

*kanga 漢画, *sansuiga 山水画

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