hitotesaki 一手先
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called hitotegumi 一手組, hitotesakigumi 一手先組, or *degumi 出組. A one-stepped bracket complex that carries an eave purlin *gagyou 丸桁. A bracket arm *hijiki 肘木, with three small bearing blocks *makito 巻斗, supported by a large bearing block *daito 大斗, and placed on top of a pillar parallel to the wall plane. The bracket complex has another bracket arm that is inserted at a right angle into the parallel bracket arm. The bracket arm that extends forward is an extension of a rainbow beam originating in the interior. It has a bearing block on its outer end to receive a second bracket arm with three smaller bearing blocks. This bracket arm with bearing blocks carries the eave purlin *dashigeta 出桁.


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