hikime kagihana 引目鉤鼻
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also read hikime kagibana and written 引目鈎鼻. Lit. slit eyes, hooked nose. A technique used to draw faces of the nobility in *yamato-e やまと絵 . Faces of both men and women portrayed in this manner were full-cheeked, with eyes in straight lines, nose in a hooked line and a small, dot-like mouth. Body gestures and movements were also kept to a minimum with arms and legs hidden under robes . In Heian period examples, such as the illustrated handscroll The Tale of Genji Genji monogatari emaki 源氏物語絵巻 (early 12c; Tokugawa 徳川 Museum, Nagoya, Gotou 五島 Museum, and Tokyo National Museum), the faces in hikime kagihana style, though highly abstracted, had subtle variation and expressed complex human psychology. Later examples tend to be more stylized showing less expressiveness.


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