hibukuro 火袋
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 The pocket-like or box-like space in a fire box or stove *kamado 竈, where the fuel is burned.

2 The place where the fire is lighted in a stone lantern ishidourou 石灯籠. It is located below the hood *kasa 笠, of the lantern and is hollowed out before the hood is added. The shape of the hibukuro varies. It may be round, square, hexagonal or octagonal. The light openings are not limited to the basic geometric patterns but may include quarter or half moons and other imaginative openings. The fire itself is usually produced by lighting an oil wick. Very often paper pasted to a wooden frame covers the openings to give a soft, pleasant glow.

*tourou 灯籠, *enshuugata tourou 遠州形灯籠

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