hashidono 橋殿
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Lit. bridge building. A wooden structure (3×4 bays) built over a stream. It is closely related to the kaguraden 神楽殿, a place where sacred dances are performed, also called *maidono 舞殿. The Hashidono at Kamo Mioya Jinja 賀茂御祖神社 (wellknown Shimogamo Jinja 下賀茂神社) is 4 x 3 bays with entrances on both gabled ends (1429), in Kyoto. The Maidono at Kamowake Ikazuchi Jinja 賀茂別雷神社 (wellknown Kamigamo Jinja 上賀茂神社, also called Hashidono) is 6 x 1 bays (1863), in Kyoto. The hashidono serves a variety of purposes, such as ritual dance and music, kagura 神楽.
Kamowake Ikazuchi Jinja 賀茂別雷神社(Kyoto)
Kamowake Ikazuchi Jinja Hashidono 賀茂別雷神社橋殿 (Kyoto)

wellknown Shimogamo Jinja 下賀茂神社 = Kamo Mioya Jjinja 賀茂御祖神社, Kamigamo Jinja 上賀茂神社 = Kamowake Ikazuchi Jinja 賀茂別雷神社 

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