ajiro  網代
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
A woven or plaited wickerwork mat made of strips of bamboo sheathing, thin strips of cryptomeria, straight-grained cryptomeria, paulownia, ditch reed, or cypress bark. It is usually plaited diagonally, producing a diamond shaped pattern, but also may be woven in vertical horizontal patterns. This pattern is used especially in tea ceremony houses *chashitsu 茶室 for the ceiling, doors, or wall coverings, and for garden fences. In addition, it may be used for a folding screen placed in front of a portable hearth and bucket for charcoal .

ajiro tenjou 網代天井 : A plain board covered with wickerworkmat. It is used on the ceilings or walls of a chashitsu, tocreate a rustic effect.

ajiro tenjou 網代天井: Shuuentei 聚遠亭 (Hyougo)


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