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Exec. Dir. Yoichi Tao

Empathy and Collaboration: Our Challenge Toward Resurrection of Life and Industry in Fukushima

Looks at the the following 7 challenges in our NPO's efforts to resurrect Fukushima:
Challenge 1 : To know the exact situation of Nuclear Contamination
Challenge 2 : Recovery of Home Land and Farm Land
Challenge 3 : Recovery of Agriculture
Challenge 4 : Recovery of Industry
Challenge 5 : Activities for Health and Medical Care
Challenge 6 : Dispatching Message to the World
Challenge 7 : What is the Resurrection of Fukushima, Iitate Village?
Ends with some thoughts on the "Total System" concept.

Resurrection of Fukushima , Executive Director
Researcher, Kogakuin University

Born in 1941 in Yokohama City.
He earned a master’s degree in physics (high energy accelerator physics) from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Science in 1967.

In 1979, he established private-sector think tank Laboratory for Innovators of Quality of Life and became its president and CEO. He is also the exhibit/interior systems producer of the Yokohama Science Center and the RAM editor-in-chief for a computer magazine. In 1985, he established Video Techs Center, a joint venture with SECOM, and became its representative director. Since April 1991, he was also the Information Strategy Department director of SECOM. From 1995 to 2005, he served on the board of directors for the same company, and in the meantime, he was also the president of Tokyo Internet KK, the president and CEO of SECOM Information Systems Co., Ltd., Entrust Japan Co., Ltd., SECOM Trust Net Co., Ltd., and the managing CIO/CISO of SECOM Co., Ltd.

He is also the director of Japan PKI Forum, the deputy secretary-general of the Millennium Project/GPKL Systems Exploratory and Management Committee, a member of the Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection, the chairman of the Partnership/Adjustment Department of JESAP (Japan Electronic Signature and Authentication Partnership), a member of the Office of IT Security Policy, a member of the Strategic Headquarters for the Promotion of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society, and he is on the Information Security Policy Council, the Expert Panel on Technological Strategy, and the Electronic Government Evaluation Committee. The Social System Design Project, Executive Manager.

June 2011, he organized a volunteer group and named “Resurrection of Fukushima”
July 2012, the group certified as a non profit organization by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and he has been the executive director

- “Sekai no Kagakukan wa Ima (update on the world’s science museums)” (Shinkigensha)
- “Video Techs e no Shotai (invitation to Video Techs)” (Shinkigensha)
- “Suchi Keisanho Giron (discussion on numeric calculation method)” (Saiensu-sha)
- “π no Rekishi (history of the π)” (Chikuma Bungei Bunko)

Thank you for helping us by citing the seminar when using these documents (17th Sustainable Shared Growth Seminar of the Sekiguchi Global Research Association, February 11, 2014, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines)


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