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Prof. Norio Tokumaru

Managing knowledge and human resources in knowledge intensive industries in emerging economies: The case of Indian ICT industry and its implications for Asian countries

This paper examines how Indian ICT firms manage knowledge and human resources in the phase of industrial upgrading. Emerging economies are increasingly becoming centers of knowledge-intensive industries nowadays, of which ICT industry in India is a typical example. As they face rapid salary increase, it is argued that industrial upgrading is inevitable from merely low cost knowledge work suppliers to differentiated suppliers based on the firm-specific organizational capability. It has not been so clear, however, what systems of managing knowledge and human resources they have that enable them to continuous upgrading. In this paper, based on an original questionnaire survey for Indian ICT firms, it is argued that upgraded firms have broad external information sources as well as long-term, internal labor market-oriented employment systems which enables them to accumulate and utilize useful knowledge to innovate. In the last part, some of the implications of the development of ICT industries for manufacturing sectors will be presented.


Thank you for helping us by citing the seminar when using these documents (17th Sustainable Shared Growth Seminar of the Sekiguchi Global Research Association, February 11, 2014, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines)


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