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Chief Operations Officer Darrell R. Nelson

BSF Philippines' experiences in manufacturing biosand filters in Mindanao and in other parts of the Philippines

This paper will talk about BSF Philippines’ ongoing efforts in manufacturing and distribution of BIOSAND water filters which bring safe drinking water to those who so desperately need it in rural communities throughout the Philippines.
BSF Philippines is a not-for-profit organization committed to form strategic partnerships with associations, foundations, corporations, social groups, private sector, NGO’s, Gov’t and individuals who believe in a worthy cause to provide “Clean Water. For Life. We believe in achievable, simple, cost effective sustainable solutions. BSF Philippines is an extension of Cross-Culture Ministries Philippines, Inc. which is a SEC registered non-stock, not-for-profit corporation.
Through the distribution of BIOSAND water filters – clean, potable water has been provided to thousands of Filipinos in countless communities. Clean potable water is essential to human life and provides health and economic benefits. However, millions more need “Clean Water. For Life” that BSF Philippines and its strategic partners are committed to make a reality.

DARRELL R. NELSON is the Chief Operations Officer of CCMPI/BSF Philippines.
He is a Canadian living in Davao City and has been an entrepreneur for 34 years. Darrell’s expertise is in internet technologies, online branding/marketing of which he began outsourcing from the Philippines in 2006. Darrell is an innovator and holds patents in the USA and Canada. As a ‘brainstormer’ he looks forward to ‘think tank’ opportunities and is very proactive. Darrell’s passion is now focused towards not-for-profit/social enterprise with the goal of empowering communities and providing “Clean Water. For Life”.


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