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Prof. Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Prof. Rogelio Atluna, Prof Cynthia Grace T. Valdez


The study on Enhancing Smallhold Banana Growers in Quirino aims to improve the productivity of small-hold banana growers in selected pilot areas in the province through rehabilitation and community–based approach on the application of the package on technology for banana production with integrated crop management strategies and good agricultural practices for the control of major banana diseases.

The project was implemented under a community-based farming scheme. Participatory rural appraisal and problem identification were the preliminary undertakings before the actual implementation phase of the project.

The study resulted to higher yield as compared to the traditional farmers practice. Results of the study gave an average yield increase of 55.25% from the usual income of the” magsasaba “.Eventually, the adoption of science-based technology interventions had tremendously improved banana income as shown in partial budget analysis. In fact, an average added cost (across crop cycles) of 172,716/ha due to adoption of S & T interventions gave an average added returns of 207,284/ha. Due to these convincing results presented by the Magsasaka Siyentista (MS) during the field day, the 30-farmer students of the MS in barangay Cajel are now adopting the technology interventions and about 5 barangays which abandoned banana are now again planting bananas .

Keywords: saba, lakatan, integrated crop management, good agricultural practices, science and technology base-farm


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