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Danilo A. Silvestre and Lester Valdes Docs

(Sustainable Cities Block)

Danilo A. Silvestre and Lester Valdes

An aerotropolis is a city or urban form with an airport at its core and an economy that capitalizes on the connectivity that the infrastructure offers. The airport-oriented city offers strong and fast linkages for workers, suppliers, passengers, and goods to the global market. The rapid growth of airport-linked commercial enterprises and businesses in the 21st century has prompted many cities around the world to pursue spatial developments that puts the airport at the center, build transport infrastructure that connects it to the supply chain, and introduce land uses that encourage aviation-linked enterprises and complementary developments.

General Santos City in South Cotabato province is one of the fastest urbanizing cities in the Philippines. It has the 600-hectare General Santos International Airport which has been showing a steady growth in passener and cargo traffic. As a city that is widely known for its fishing and agriculture industries, the Study explores a different aerotropolis model that may be more suitable for Genral Santos City.

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