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Arch Raymond Andrew Sih

(Sustainable Cities Block)

Raymond Andrew Sih, UAP, LEED AP
Conventional zoning is essentially a legal framework that initiates development and directs the type, density, and location of land use. However, it lacks the specificity to shape the public realm to be more inclusive and sustainable. Innovative and site specific urban design and regulatory tools if implemented properly can achieve more tangible results in the built environment, such as preserving natural environmental features, protecting the unique character of a community, or controlling the kind of development in more detail. The paper discusses examples of urban design and regulatory tools used both here and abroad, the possibilities in their implementation, and how they can directly influence the physical form and performance of development.

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Thank you for not plagiarizing. Support us by properly citing the title, author, and seminar (SGRA 16th Sustainable Shared Growth Seminar, "The Urban-Rural Gap and Sustainable Shared Growth", August 23, 2013, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines)


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