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HRD and Shared Growth Thru Manufacturing

1. Title: Philippine Human Resources and Shared Growth through the Manufacturing Sector
2. Total Expected Duration: 1 hour
3. Participants/Proposing Parties and Roles
1. Prof. Hitoshi Hirakawa (Nagoya University): inter-actor
2. Mr. Joseph Sobrevega (Toyota Motor Philippines, Philippine Industrial Relations Society): inter-actor
3. Dr. Ferdinand C. Maquito (SGRA, UP SOLAIR): main presenter
4. Overview of Session Mechanics
1. Inter-actors will be making brief but important questions/comments during the presentation of the main presenter
2. There will be at most 10 minutes for each of the two parts of the session to be allocated for open forum, particularly with those who are involved in the theme of this presentation (the proponents of this session are now in the process of inviting such parties)
5. Overview of Session Content
1. Part I (about 30 minutes): The results of an analysis of the database on Philippine international labor flows of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO) will be presented. The analysis will firstly share the observation on the existence on the so-called Giant Leaps and Small Steps (GLASS) effect in international labor flows from the Philippines. The GLASS effect indicates a situation in which Philippine human resources, as a whole, are taking disproportionately giant leaps to foreign countries where they appear to be more limited to small steps. The analysis will then attempt to derive implications of this observation to Philippine manufacturing and shared growth. (Note: Some evidence of the GLASS effect was first observed by Dr. Max Maquito in rural-urban labor flows in the Philippines. This was first reported in the 13th SGRA Shared Growth Seminar. Please see link below for more details about the SGRA Shared Growth Seminars: www.aisf.or.jp/sgra-in-english/manila_seminars/)
2. Part II (about 30 minutes): The main results of a survey on “Human Resource Development and Sustainable Shared Growth” will be presented. The survey focuses on manufacturing firms in the Philippines, and is being conducted as part of Prof. Hitoshi Hirakawa’s Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) project entitled “Symbiotic Regional Institutional Building Towards a Knowledge-Based Economy in Asia”, with the cooperation of Mr. Jojo Sobrevega. The survey is based on an input-output relation framework that Dr. Maquito has used for analyzing the manufacturing sector and for identifying the so-called "shared growth" indicators. For more details about the survey, please refer to the link below: www.aisf.or.jp/sgra-in-english/2012/08/hrd_and_sustainable_shared_gro.html
6. Required Equipment
1. Microphones (3): one for main presenter, one for inter-actors, one for the audience
2. Projector and Laptop (1): for PowerPoint slide presentation
3. Tables (2)
4. Chairs (3)


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