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Guidelines for Presentation PPT and Full Paper

1. For PPT and Full Paper
1.1. Written in English (non-English words should be translated to English)
1.2. Electronic file must be no more than 1 GB. Our mail inbox at yahoo.com could only take at most about 25 MB, so please use a digital courier for larger files, such as those listed below
1.3. must be related to the seminar theme
1.4. must be generally comprehensible to non-specialists
1.5. file must be readable in Windows OS
1.6. the file will be compiled on an online version of the seminar proceedings (in color) as early as the end of May 2012 (through the SGRA server in Tokyo)--the seminar organizers will be free to re-format the received files based on their constraints
1.7 please include a short profile of the author(s)--be sure to include ways for seminar participants to get in touch with the author(s), e.g., e-mails, FaceBook sites, websites
1.8. deadline for presentation PPT and/or full paper is on April 12, 2012 (final versions for documents to be compiled in the seminar proceedings are due on May 12, 2012)
1.9. please plan for a 20-minute presentation, unless otherwise informed

2. For the presentation PPT, no additional guideline is required other than those mentioned in 1 above

3. For the presentation full paper, some additional guidelines are
3.1. must be in MS Word (editable)
3.2. as much as possible, use MLA or APA formats (please refer to the following links, respectively)


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