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Abstract Proposals for Seminar #14

(In order of submission; as of April 14, 2012)

1. Innovative Rainwater Harvesting System (IRHS) : A Practical Option to Climate Change, Water Crisis and Disaster “Filipino Technology of Converting Rainwater into Clean, Potable, Alkaline Drinking Water” by Dr. Antonio Mateo (National Research Council of the Philippines, National Social Action Council Filipino Inventors)
2. The Migration Link Between Urban and Rural Poor Communities: Looking at Giant Leaps and Small Steps by Dr. Max Maquito (UP SOLAIR, SGRA)
3. Sustainable Agriculture as an E-Cube Approach to Alleviating the Urban and Rural Poverty Problem by Dr. Max Maquito (UP SOLAIR, SGRA)
4. Ethics and Governance Issues in Sustainability in Asia: Literature Review and Research Proposals by Dr. Aliza Racelis (UP College of Business Administration)
5. Mas Matuninong: Naga City-Pamaplona Camarines Sur Shared Urban-Rural Growth by Prof. Cecilia Villanueva (UP School of Urban and Regional Planning)
6. Community-Life School Model for Sustainable Agriculture Based Rural Development by Dr. Jose Medina and Dr. Rowena Dela Torre-Baconguis (UP Los Banos Ugnayan ng Pahinungod and College of Public Affairs)
7. Understanding Water Districts in the Philippines by CPA Columbus Maquito (SGRA) and Dr. Max Maquito (UP SOLAIR, SGRA)
8. Humanizing Socialized Resettlement Housing Programs: A Challenge Towards Sustainability Practices in Urban and Rural Communities by Architect Stephanie Gilles (UP College of Architecture)
9. Towards Sustainable Landscapes, Guidelines for Regulating Aesthetics and Environmental Quality of the Landscapes (Case Study: Lakeshore Town of Tanay, Rizal) by Architect Maria Mynn Alfonso (United Architects of the Philippines)
10.How do we know if it’s time for Plan B? (Determining failure or success of community-based climate change adaptation programs in building disaster resiliency) by Prof. Romeo Santos (UP College of Architecture)
11. Sustainability of the Sardine Fishery in Zamboanga: A Bioeconomic Approach by Prof. Jovi Dacanay (UA&P School of Economics)
12. Design Against the Elements (DATE) by Architects Ma. Esperanza Valencia and Paolo Abelita (United Architects of the Philippines)
13. Sustainable Sites by Ms. Minerva Rosel (United Architects of the Philippines)
14. Urban Renewal Taking Into Consideration Disaster Risk Reduction by Prof. Michael Tomeldan (UP College of Architecture)
15. Improving Water Supply and Sanitation in 29 Agrarian Reform Communities by Dir. Susana Evangelista-Leones and Ma. Soledad Peralta (DAR Bureau of Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Development)
16. Good Dignity Practices for Gross Domestic Product (GDP for GDP) Advocacy Campaign by Dir. Lyn Capistrano (Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation)
17. Poverty, Development, and Regeneration of Community-Based Resources by Prof. Toru Nakanishi (University of Tokyo)
18. The Organic and Natural Food Movement in North America, Asia, the Philippines and Community Participation by Prof. Virginia Teodosio (UP SOLAIR) and Ms. Desiree Segovia (Food Bowl Market Convenor's Group)
19. Barangay Integrated Development Action in Kapangan Towards Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (BIDA KA WASH) by Atty. Roberto Canuto (Mayor of Kapangan, Benguet Province) and Dr. Jane Toribio (Municipal Agrarian Reform)
20. Potential of Container Housing in the Philippines by Architect Josefina De Asis (UP College of Architecture)
21. Green Challenges in a Brown Philippine Economy by Dr. Rene Ofreneo (UP SOLAIR)
22. Controlling Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds in Design and Construction by Arch. Raymond Andrew Sih (UP College of Architecture)
23. Environment, Aesthetics, and Scale by Prof. Hans Peder Pedersen (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning + Western Mindanao State University)


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