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Architect Maria Mynn Alfonso Abstract + Slides + DP

Towards Sustainable Landscapes, Guidelines for Regulating Aesthetics and Environmental Quality of the Landscapes (Case Study: Lakeshore Town of Tanay, Rizal)

As we are beginning our lives in a new millennium, it is an opportunity to work globally and be responsive to environmental problems we are experiencing. International conferences in the 80’s and 90’s focusing on issues of sustainability, fired up the hearts of some international landscape architects, to based their works not only on aesthetic but an ecological based designs. They begun to embrace the theory of sustainable development by analyzing their designs and projects not only to their current and potential environmental impacts but also their supposed impact on future generations. Locally, urban planners provided us with books in sustainable land use planning but in relation to landscaping, it was left in the hands of the local government units especially their clean and green programs. The declining quality of life and environment in our country must be saved and I am focusing my work to be part of the endeavor.

The paper is intended to be guidelines for local government officials, environmental advocates and design professionals to deal with the current environmental problems but particularly in the enhancement the Philippines landscapes. It details concepts to alleviate problems in air, water and noise pollution using the most economical natural materials PLANTS. It deals with energy conservation through the use recyclable materials, solar orientation and wind directions. It will reintroduced the use of bikes and enjoyment of walking in the streets. It will provide some simple guidelines pertaining visual and environmental analysis. And lastly some pointers in changing the levels of moral values and ways of life of Filipinos.

Thus, an appropriately, environmentally fit places utilizing natural materials in natural ways, may help alleviate our living conditions and comfort for a sustainable Filipino Landscapes.

Seminar 14 Slides (Short)
Seminar 14 Slides (Long)
Seminar 14 Discussion Paper
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