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Association of International Education
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Communication with International Student (With Broad) Foreigners Group News Employment Information  
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Association of International Education, Japan(AIEJ) International Education Development Initiative IFSA(International Foreign Student Association) Asuka International Foundation for Youth development
The Carter Center The International Student Institute JAPAN-EURASIA SOCIETY Asia Bunka Kaikan 
International Culture Center Geos International 

Exchange Association

Toyoda International Association


Mogami Global Action Committee
Japan-U.S.A Educational Commission (JUSEC) Southeast Asian Friendship &Culture Association Japan-China Friendship Association  Japan-Europe

Friendship Association   

Local Group of International Exchange Meguro Unesco Association No  
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Hokkaido University
Toohokku University Niigata University Kanazawa University
Tsuba University SaitamaUniversity Chiba University Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Tokyo University Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology The University of Electro-Communications
Hitotsubashi University Yokohama National University Nagoya University Mie University
Kyoto University Osaka University of Foreign Studies Osaka University Kobe University
Okayama University Hiroshima University Kyushu University   Nagasaki University
Kumamoto University University of the Ryukyus Gunma University Other
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Preparations for Traveling to Japan Arrival in Japan Housing Procedures for Residing and Re-Entry in Japan
Scholarship Japanese Language Education Education and Research in Universities and Colleges Health
Guide for Studying in Japan Policies of Japan for International Student  Board for International Student (website) Studying in Japan (website)
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Insurance for International Student Medical Care System and Health Insurance for International Students International Telephone Cards Cheap Way for International Telephone
foreign Exchange Market Shopping without Tax Removal to Abroad  GlobalTel International Callback
International Marriage Cheap Ticket  Electric Pressure of World Homestay
Cheap Air Tickets  Traveling Visa Partwork
 Searching for apartment House Free Market Tax Knowledge 
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Students' Remarks Cycle of  International Exchange  Japanese Transcontinental Network Message of Student from Asia
Information for Foreigner in Japan Mail List of Korean in Japan  With Thailand Student Tokyo Alien Eyes (Protect the rights of foreign residents in Japan)
With Taiwan's Student With Korean Student With Beijing's Student With Japanese Student Studying in America
With Bangladesh Students  Others  
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Aid Association of China Students  Japan-China Study Association EnjoyClub   Net  The TIT Association of Taiwanese Students
Japan-Malaysia Association   Korean Student's Research Forum About Japan
Association of Korean Youth in Japan World of Korean Gaijin  House Nifty Serve China Forum
Foreigners House Manual Korakuen English Center
Communication Network for persons Returned from China Burma Students Association  Thailand Students Association 
National Federation of University Co-operative Associations in Japan The Cambodian Students Association in Japan (CSAJ)
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International Students Plan Numbers of International Students International Students Plan(2) Benbusyou News
International Student Policy 定住外国人に参政権を Tax Guide for Foreigners
in Japan
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Employment Center for Foreign Student in Japan Tokyo Employment Service Center
Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners First step for Employment


Employment Information Link Job-Web Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Employment  Consulting WORK TANK Asia Net Nikkei Placement Park
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Asah Mainichi Yomiunri sankei
Nikkei sangyu Tokyo Chunichi
Science Newspaper Japan Educational Press Kanagawa NikkanSports
(NHK) Asahi TV Tokyo TV (TBS)
(NTV) Huji TV Locial TV  
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  English The EAST THE NEW OBSERVER Kannsai International Student Newspaper
City Life News-Tokyo Singapore Gateway The Gaijin Gleaner
The Chubu Weekly Tokyo Weekender  Tokyo Classified  Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo
The People's Korea Mangajin    
Japanese Asian Eyes Choson Sinbo HuaShengHeYu
Korean Wind Korean Voice The People's Korea One Korea News
Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Dousei・Douki Databank of Chinese in Japan パンチャビョル通信
Hiraganatimes Malaysia Times    
Chinese New Persons China Chinese Daily Dong Bei Feng
Korean Korea Town Choson Sinbo Keycharo Information and Communication
The Han World National Times     
Portuguese International Press Ciranda Nova Visao 
Tailand Saiyai    
Spain International Press Cuadernos De Japan
Philippine Kumusta PionoyI  
France Cahiers Du Japan    
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