Our Objective

  1. Objective: The Raccoon Association is the group formed by alumni of the Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation (AISF), and aims to organize and promote the exchange activities among the recipients of the scholarship even after their scholarship period.

  2. Members: Scholars of (AISF), who have completed their scholarship period, automatically become members.

  3. Activities: Held on a regular or irregular basis.

  4. Planning of Activities: Activities are to be planned, and to be participated on by all association members, contributing their own ideas and keeping close contact with AISF and the Raccoon-In-Charge.

  5. The Raccoon-in-Charge (RIC): For an orderly execution of a planned activity, an RIC for the next activity is to be decided upon during each activity, mainly on a voluntary basis. As a rule, the RIC is to be drawn from the newest batch of association members. The chosen RIC is to plan and implement the assigned activity while keeping close contact with AISF and all the association members.

  6. Expenditures: In principle, to be shouldered by the association members.

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