Raccoon Association News, Fiscal Year 1996

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Raccoon Association News, Fiscal Year 1997

April 15: New Raccoon Batch

Last April 15, two batches of Raccoons (FY95-96, FY96-97) met at "Fummy's Grill", a restaurant in Ebisu popular for its California dishes. Thanks go to Michelle Bambling who arranged the whole activity, and AISF for its kind support (financially and morally--AISFユs director , associate director, and staff were present). The following were unanimously elected as the second batch of officers of RaccoonKai: Maung Htwe Khin as Chairman, Ki Jeong Nam as PR Officer, and Ligna Gao as Treasurer. They called on the continued support of all Raccoons which certainly will be forthcoming. Chairman Khin volunteered to handle the next RaccoonKai get-together which is scheduled on September.

July 3: 2nd Raccoon Get-Together

ATSUI DESUNE!!! In stead of rain in the rainy season, we have been suffering with the unseasonable heat and humidity here in Tokyo (manatubi for a week--- like in August)
I am very pleased to send this report through the international collaboration: written by Khin Maung Htwe san and translated by Max Maquito san.
The second RaccoonKai for fiscal year 97 was held last July 3rd, Thursday. 9 members and AISF's executive director Junko Imanishi gathered at the Turkish restaurant, Bosphorus Hasan, at Shinjuku 3 Chome. We are grateful to Selim Gulenc for taking charge of the affair.
Several advices were made regarding possible revenue-generating projects of RaccoonKai.
1) The Chairman made a proposal about IDC 0061 International Calls. RaccoonKai members are to be requested to use IDC 0061 in making their international calls. 15% (still under consideration) of the members' monthly telephone payments will be transferred to the budget of RaccoonKai. Details will be announced later by Chairman Khin.
2) There was a proposal from everyone for RaccoonKai to handle "translation jobs".
The next gathering is scheduled for September and is supposedly being organized by Raccoon-in-Charge Khin to be held at "Min Shuku Biruma" (Ito-shi, Izu Takahara).

October 9: 3rd Raccoon Get-Together

Report by Chairman Khin on the 3rd Raccoon Association Meeting (translated by Max M.)
Dear Raccoon Association Members
Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules the other day. I am sending a report on last time's gathering and the results regarding the international phone calls proposal made in the 2nd Raccoon  get-together.
●The 3rd Raccoon Meeting Report
The 3rd Raccoon Association Meeting for fiscal year 1997 was held last October 9th, 1997 (Thurs.) from 6:30 PM. In attendance were: Xi Jin, Weijun Gao, Maquito, Jianming Shi,Chul-ju Park,Gao Lingna, Libin Wang, Khin, Zhao Qing, Kim + his friend, and from AISF, Associate Director Junko Imanishi, for a total of 12. The venue was "Capriciosa", an Italian restaurant at the basement of Washington Hotel in Shinjuku. A lot of people I haven't seen for a while showed up. It was an enjoyable get-together amidst exchanging of information. We are truly grateful to Associate Director Junko Imanishi who handled all the preparations this time.
The next meeting will be the "Year-ender Party" in December, and Khin is handling the preparations.
●About the Proposal on International Calls
Regarding this matter, I have consulted many times with the person-in-charge. But the situation has become a difficult one.  Because of relationships with another company (KDD 0088), it seems that providing special services to customers has been forbidden. I was told that they'll get in touch with me should the opportunity arise.
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