AISF News 1996.3 - 1997.3



The Atsumi Scholarship recipients for 1996 summarized their Ph.D research on March 1, the last official meeting for these students. One student traveled from Heidelberg and another from Seoul in order to participate. Dr. Takako Aoki, Chief of the Selection Commitee, said, "I was moved by the fact, that young scholars from all over the world came together and presented their highly sophisticated topics in fluent Japanese, from various fields, to include: Natural Science, Social Science and Liberal Studies." The day ended very successfully.

  • 1997 Atsumi International Scholarship Recipients
On November 17, 1996, the selection comittee chose eleven recipients for 1997. They are:
(1) De Maio, Silvana (F) Italy: Tokyo Institute of Technology (History of Engineering)
(2) Fang Meili (F) Taiwan: Ochanomizu Women's University (Linguistics)
(3) Isananto, Winurshito (M) Indonesia: Keio University (Chemistry)
(4) Kim Woesook (F) Korea: Waseda University (Health Science)
(5) Laohaburanakit, Kanokwan, Noi (F) Thai: Tsukuba University (Linguistics)
(6) Lee Hyang-Chul (M) Korea: Hitotsubashi University (Economics)
(7) Li Enmin (M) China: Hitotubashi University (History)
(8) Nizamidin Jappar (M) China (Uighur): University of Tokyo (Chemistry)
(9) Wang Yuepeng (M) China: University of Tokyo (Medical Science)
(10) Williams, Duncan (M) U.K.: Harvard University/Sophia University(Religion)
(11) Zhang Shao-min (M) China: University of Tokyo (Medical Science)

  • AISF Get-together
Participated in by Directors, Trustees, members of Selection Committee, members of Raccoon Association, as well as Scholarship recipients, the1996 AISF Get-together was held on November 7, at Kajima Shinkan/AISF Hall. There we had a lecture of great implications about "Why we cannot cure cancer" by Dr. Tatsuji Kataoka, A Chief Researcher of the Cancer Institute. After the lecture, we had a potluck dinner: many thanks to the members of Raccoon Association and Scholarship recipients who contributed homemade ethnic food.

  • To the many applicants: Thank you
Thank you for applying to the1997 Atsumi Scholarship. By the deadline of applications, October 9, 1996, we have received 148 applications. 11 scholarship recipients will be selected through a selection procedure which includes two interviews. The results will be announced in the end of November.

  • Visit to Yamagata Aritomo Museum
On September 23rd, 1996, AISF recipients, their families and members of the Raccoon Association and their families were invited to visit the Yamagata Museum in Yaita, Tochigi Prefecture. Mrs. Yamagata, the Executive Director of the Museum, as well as a trustee of our foundation, kindly showed us the historical sites and shared episodes of the Yamagata Aritomo, one of the most influencial politicians of the Meiji period. After the Museum, at Yamagata Park, we enjoyed a delicious BBQ with onigiri made of rice from the Yamagata farm. We also picked grapes and everyone enjoyed the crisp autumn countryside of Japan after Sunday's typhoon.

  • AISF sponsored a "Rest and Relaxation Trip in Karuizawa" from Saturday, July 27th, to Monday, July 29th.
The recipients of 1996 Atsumi Scholarship were invited with their family and enjoyed walking and cycling in the woods, tennis, hiking, etc. Professors Jiro Tamura and Hiroshi Mizutani, members of AISF Selection Committee, joined the group during the BBQ party held at the country house of Mrs. Itsuko Atsumi, Executive Director.Everyone enjoyed the conversation under the trees with excellent food and beer. Raccoon Association (AISF Almuni) members also joined the party, expanding the AISF Network.

  • The 1997 Atsumi Scholarship has been announced.
Application forms are provided either at the foreign student's office of each university or from AISF An application form can also be printed out from the Internet.Applications are accepted only at the AISF office from Monday, September 2, 1996 through Wednesday, October 9, 1996.

1. Information for international students living in Japan are divided into four sections: scholarship, housing, counseling and living.

2. Directory of useful WWW sites divided in several sections including universities, libraries, book dealers, museums, massmedia,search, etc.

3. Raccoon Association news and directory of members.


  • Raccoon Association

Raccoon Association was established on May 24th, 1996, when the 1995 Atsumi Scholarship Recipients met and decided on their alumni association name. Named after the logo picture by Mr. Takeo Atsumi. Meetings to be announced.


  • 1997 Atsumi Scholarship Application

Atsumi Scholarship application procedure has been changed. Applicants must send thier application papers directly to the AISF office. Note: only Ph.D. candidates in their last year of studies who are enrolled in an AISF designated graduate school in Japan are eligible.
Application forms are provided at your appropriate school office or the AISF office from Monday, July 1, 1996.
Applications are accepted from Monday, September 2, 1996, to Wednesday, October 9, 1996, only at the AISF office.
  • Congratulations!
The following Atsumi Scholarship Recipients were granted a Ph.D. in March 1996.




Current Job

Gao Weijun Ph.D. (Engineering) Waseda University Lecturer, Waseda University
Jin Xi Ph.D. (Engineering) Tokyo Institute of Technology Silicon Graphics
Kwack Jae-woo Ph.D. (Literature) Gakushuin University Part-time Lecturer, Gakushuin University
Maquito Ferdinand Ph.D. (Economics) University of Tokyo Part-time lecturer, Temple University in Tokyo

(1995 Hanshin Earthquake Relief Fund Scholarship Recipients)

Horng Derjuinn Ph.D. (Economics) Kobe University Lecturer in Taipei