■ Best Paper Selection Process

For each conference over 50 referees review a total of around 100-150 full papers that have been submitted through the AFC Online System before the deadline. Only papers by authors who submitted an abstract a year prior to the conference are eligible. The papers are divided into approximately 10 groups of 9-10 papers, and 5 reviewers are assigned to each group. Reviewers are asked to evaluate based on the following 5 criteria. Minus points are given if a paper does not follow the Paper Format Guide.

1. Does this paper contribute to the AFC? Is the theme of this paper in accordance with the specific AFC Theme?
2. Is this paper perspicuous and persuasive?
3. Is this paper original and innovative?
4. Does this paper hold international aspects in some points?
5. Does this paper have an interdisciplinary approach?

Each reviewer recommends two papers out of ten in each group. After compiling the scores, 20 papers are selected as the Best Papers. Former awardees were not eligible to be selected as a Best Paper again.


① 論文のテーマが会議のテーマと適合しているか。
② わかりやすく説得力があるか。
③ 独⾃性と⾰新性があるか。
④ 国際性があるか。
⑤ 学際性があるか