Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Registration, Procedures

Q01. Procedure

Create Account
“Create Account” is for opening your account in the system where you can provide and obtain information necessary for participating in the conference. The AFC Secretariat will e-mail you through the mail address inputted in “User Account.”
(2) Deadline for abstract submissions
– For those vying for AFC Scholarships and Best Papers Awards: August 31, 2017
– For those not vying for AFC Scholarships and Best Papers Awards: February 28, 2018

・ In the acceptance notice, application procedures for the scholarships will be included.
・ Release of selection results of scholarships: around January 20, 2018
3) Participation Registration
・ Early registration (20 % discount fee) (February 1 to April 10, 2018)
・ Regular registration (general participants) (April11 to June 20, 2018)
NOTE: Register status (discounted, or shared occupied, etc.), Payment
Method, Study tour (August 27), etc. are displayed.
4) Payment
PayPal (credit card settlement) or Bank transfer
→ AFC Secretariat will send a receipt by e-mail, after confirmation of payment
≪Recipient of scholarship or best paper prize≫
AFC Secretariat will contact you about the details.
Registration fee has to be paid according to the process above because we will hand scholarship or prize in the site by cash.
5) Deadline for the data of full papers, short papers, and posters/creative projects
(English, Japanese or Korean)
・ For Eligible for Best Paper Awards(March 31, 2018)(Release of selection results of Best Papers:June 10, 2018)
・ For Not Eligible for Best Paper Awards(May 31, 2018)
6) Fill Up Travel Form
Include information about contact person in case of emergency, your flight no., and your excursion choice.

NOTE: INFOPACK: Please be sure to read the details for the conference that will be released on July 2018.

Q02. I forgot my User ID or Password.

You can get the information on your User ID and Password from the Registration webpage. See the guide for a more detailed explanation.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Input your email here
Then click here

Q03. What is the User Registration Number?

The User Registration Number is the four-digit number that you get when you register AFC online system.
This number will be used frequently when you contact us or on other occasions.

Q05. I would like to change or add my paper though I already submitted.

You can change (revise) and add through your account on the AFC online system anytime during the application period.

Q07. Why do I have to register twice: “Create Account” and “Participation Registration”?

“Create account” is to open your own AFC online account on the system from where you can find necessary information about the AFC. It also enables you to receive e-mail and other information from the AFC Secretariat.
“Participation Registration” is to inform the AFC Secretariat that you will participate in the AFC and/or that you would like to reserve your accommodation.
If you did the “Participant Registration” but for some reason cannot participate, please withdraw your submission by yourself (See the following guide for withdraw) or contact the AFC Secretariat. We will cancel your registration.

You will receive the following e-mail.

Q08. Is there any scholarship or discount?

We have “AFC Scholarships” and “AFC Special Subsidy”.

Please see “Scholarships and Awards” at for more information.

We have 25 per cent discount on the registration fee for “Economy Participants” who are students and part time employees.

In addition, we have 20 per cent discount on the registration fee for “Early Birds” who register as participant till March 31, 2018.

Please see “General Information” at  for more information.

Q09. I need an invitation letter or a letter of request for visa and/or internal procedures in my organization.

Please apply for an invitation letter and/or a request for participation through the following form. (under construction)

Q10. I have not received receipt e-mail though I registered or submitted paper.

Please check your email’s “spam folder.”  In most of the cases, the email gets sent there. 

Q11. I would like to have a presentation in the same session with a specific presenter/group.

Q11. I would like to have a presentation in the same session with a specific presenter/group.
A. Please take the following steps when you open an account on the AFC online system. (See the guide for a more detailed explanation.)
・Please have all the members of your specific group choose the same topic(s) from
“Overview >Your Submissions>Edit Contribution Details “ when you open an account.
・Please leave a message that you would like to make one session with your specific group (name: Mr./Ms.***) in “Remark / Message to the Program Committee and Chairs.”
We will try as much as possible to comply with your wishes. But please understand that we might decide to put you in a different session, or that another presenter might join to your session.

Participation Fee payment

Q01. How do I pay for the participation fee?

There are two methods of transfer: PayPal (credit card settlement) and bank transfer. You can view on your AFC online account the explanation for each method when you do the “Participation Registration”.

Q02. The AFC Onlne System does not reflect my payment although I have paid already.

It takes some days if you paid by bank transfer.

Please note that from April 28th to May 6th, 2018 is consecutive holidays in Japan. So the banks are closed in this period.

Q03. I need the receipt of my payment.

You can print out a simple version receipt through the AFC online system.  Please contact the AFC Secretariat if you need a more formal one.

Sessions, Meals, Awards

Q01. I want to know the assignment of rooms for sessions and their locations.

The assignment of rooms for sessions and maps are run in Proceedings.

Q02. Are there any food provisions?

Registration fee includes Proceedings, meals* and parties

 (*dinner on Aug. 24th (Friday), all meals on 25th (Saturday) and 26th (Sunday), breakfast on 27th (Monday) and 28th .(Tuesday)  You will get meal coupon when you check in the hotel.

Q03. Can I get the award although I will be absent the award party?

No. you will receive the qualification and the prize only when you attend the award party.

Q04. Can I get the photos taken in the conference or party?

Yes.  We will post the photos on the AFC website during a period of time from which you can download pictures.

Travel, Excursion

Q01. How can I get from airport to hotel?

You can get on a pay shuttle bus/taxi from the airport to the hotel if you register during the specified period of time. You need to fill in the “Travel Form” ( (Released later) in addition to the “Participation Registration.” The shuttle bus/taxi is charged a fee.

Q02. I want to apply for the excursion, but cannot find the application form. How can I apply?

You can apply for the excursion through the “Travel Form.” ( ) (Released later) Fill in and send the following form.




れ、論文投稿などができます。(事務局からのメールは、この時登録されたメー ルアドレスに届きます。)
– 奨学金・優秀論文賞の対象の場合 2017 年 8 月 31 日
– 奨学金・優秀論文賞の対象外の場合 2018 年 2 月 28 日

・審査結果発表、奨学金申請受付 ・奨学金受給者の発表 2018 年 1 月 20 日頃
(3) 参加登録
・早期登録(2 割引価格): 2018 年 2 月 1 日~4 月 10 日 ・通常登録(割引なしの正規料金): 2018年4月11日~6月20日 ※参加ステータス(割引対象、相部屋希望など)や支払方法、見学会・スタデ ィツアー(8 月 27 日実施)の希望などを登録
クレジットカードまたは銀行振込み →入金確認後、受領メールをお送りします
≪奨学金受給・優秀論文賞受賞者の方≫ AFC 事務局より詳細をお知らせいたします。
(5)原稿(論文・小論文・ポスター/展示のデータ)(英語か日本語)の 提出
・優秀論文賞の選考論文の締切 : 2018 年 3 月 31 日 (結果発表 : 2018年6月10日)
・優秀論文賞の対象外の論文締切: 2018 年 5 月 31 日
緊急連絡先、往復のフライト No.、到着・出発予定時刻などを入力

NOTE: INFOPACK: Please be sure to read the details for the conference that will be released on July 2018.

Q02.ユーザーID とパスワードを忘れてしまった

AFC ホームページの「Registration」ページで登録と確認ができます。確認方法は以下の手順をご 覧下さい。




ここにメールアドレス を入力して下さい。


ユーザー登録番号とは、ユーザー登録時に付与される 4 桁の番号のことです。この番号はお問合 せや会議受付けの時などよく使います。


投稿完了後、AFC 事務局より投稿完了通知のメールが届きます。

論文は PDF ファイルで保存の上、投稿をお願いします。



Q07. 「新規登録」と「参加登録」と2回するのはなぜ?



Q08. 参加費補助や割引はどのようなものがあるか?

詳細は「Scholarships and Awards」(奨学金と優秀賞) をご覧下さい。
また割引は、2018年3月31日前の申し込みによる「早期割引(早割)」(参加費2割引)があります。詳細は をご覧下さい。

Q09. 学内手続きやビザ取得のため、招待状や出張依頼状が欲しい


Q10. 投稿したのに、受領メールが届かない



同一セッション希望については、アカウント登録時にAFCオンラインシステムで次の作業をお願いします。 ・「概要 >あなたの投稿 >投稿内容を編集する」 の トピックの選択で、メンバー全員が同じトピックを選択して下さい。 ・「コメント/プログラム委員および委員長へのメッセージ」(英語版は「Remark / Message to the Program Committee and Chairs」) で「〇〇さんと同じセッションを希望」とのコメントをそれぞれ書いて下さい。 できるだけご希望に沿うように努めますが、こちらの判断で違うセッションになったり、また他の参加者が入ることもあります。予めご了承ください。


Q01. 参加費の振り込みはどのようにすればいいのか?


Q02. 参加費を振り込んだのに、システムに反映されていない。


Q03. 参加費の領収書が欲しい



Q01. 分科会セッションのスケジュール、部屋割りと場所を知りたい


Q02. 食事はどうすればいいのか知りたい


Q03. 優秀論文賞、優秀発表賞などの表彰式に出られないが、賞金と賞品をもらうことはできるか?


Q04. 会議中やパーティーの写真が欲しい



Q01 .空港からホテルまで交通手段が知りたい

空港からは、有料のシャトルバスまたはタクシーがあります。ご利用には「参加登録」に加えて「トラベルフォーム」(Travel Form) ( へのご登録が必要です。(後日公開)


見学会・スタディツアーへは「トラベルフォーム」からお申込み戴けます。 ( ) (後日公開)

++to be translated to Korean++



10. 등록 혹은 논문을 투고했는데 아직 확인 이메일을 받지 못 했어요.

수령확인 이메일이 스팸 메일함에 들어가있는 경우가 많으므로, 우선 스팸 메일함을 확인해주세요.

11. 특정의 발표자 혹은 특정의 그룹과 같은 섹션에서 발표하고 싶습니다.

계정을 등록하실 때 AFC 온라인 시스템에서 다음과 같은 작업을 해주세요.
・계정을 등록하실 때“Overview>Your Submissions>Edit Contribution Details”에서 같은 섹션을 희망하는 특정의 발표자와 같은 토픽을 선택해주세요. (그룹 섹션의 경우에도 같은 방법으로써 그룹 멤버 전원이 특정의 그룹과 같은 토픽을 선택하도록 해주세요.) ・그리고 “Remark/Message to the Program Committee and Chairs”란에서 특정의 발표자 혹은 그룹과 같은 섹션을 희망한다는 내용의 코멘트와 함께 그 특정의 발표자 의 이름 (그룹의 경우에는 멤버 전원의 이름) 을 메시지로 남겨주세요.

9. 소속기관의 행정적 절차 그리고/혹은 비자 취득을 위해 초대장 혹은 출장의뢰장이

다음의 신청양식을 가지고 초대장 그리고/혹은 출장의뢰장을 신청해주세요. (준비중)


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