Zashiki Hakkei 座敷八景
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
"Eight Parlor Views"; a parody of "eight views," *hakkei 八景, in which domestic objects cleverly replace natural scenery. Originally poems created by a 13-year-old boy. The theme was illustrated by Suzuki Harunnobu 鈴木春信 (1724-1770) and other artists. Zashiki Hakkei are: "Night Rain on the Daisu" Daisu no yau 台子の夜雨, "Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand" Kyoudai no shuugetsu 鏡台の秋月, "Descending Geese of the Bridges" Kotoji no rakugan 琴路の落雁, "Evening Glow of the Lamp" Andon no sekishou 行燈の夕照, "Clearing Mist of the Fan" Ougi no seiran 扇の清嵐, "Returning Sails of the Towel Rack" Tenuguikake no kihan 手拭いかけの帰帆, "Evening Bell of the Clock" Tokei no banshou 時計の晩鐘, and "Evening Snow on the Heater" Nurioke no bosetsu 塗桶の暮雪.


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