KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Old woman. A noh mask *noumen 能面 representing a dignified old woman. There are many forms of this generic type, some dating back to the 14c. All, however, share the wrinkled and bony features of a woman grown old gracefully. The hair and thin, high eyebrows have streaks of white mixed into the black. The sunken eyes look down, being carved as a slightly curved slit. The serenity of the face reflects a divine nature that has only temporarily taken on the form of an old woman, such as the spirit of the *Takasago 高砂 tree bound in age-long love to her partner in Sumiyoshi 住吉 (tsure ツレ role in TAKASAGO ), or the old wife-goddess in KUZU 国栖. A fine example, and possibly the prototype, is the uba mask owned by the Houshoukai 宝生会 bearing an inscription with the date 1504. Uba is used by all schools, generally for non-dancing roles, which are often secondary tsure roles. See also *onnamen 女面. Compare to dancing old women's masks *roujo 老女, *komachi 小町, *higakionna 桧垣女.


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