tsuuen 通円
KEY WORD :  art history / sculptures
Also 通圓. A mask of an old man, used in the kyougen 狂言 play TSUUEN, the Tea Priest, Tsuuen 通円. This mask has regular, stylized features, crescent eyes, open mouth, and thin cheeks with prominent cheek bones. It represents the ghost of a priest who owned a tea house in Uji 宇治, and died from many hours of practising tea ceremony. The play TSUUEN is a parody of the *nou 能 play *YORIMASA 頼政, and the tsuuen mask closely resembles the nou mask *noumen 能面 of Yorimasa's ghost, although the kyougen mask *kyougenmen 狂言面 lacks the bitter, fearful intensity of the nou version.


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