tsuremitsudo 連三斗
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Shortened form of tsure mitsudogumi 連三斗組. A variation of mitsudogumi 三斗組 (*mitsudo tokyou 三斗斗きょう). A bracket arm that carries the usual three small bearing blocks mitsudo 三斗, and extends toward the corner so that there is enough space to add an extra bearing block. Hence, four bearing blocks are lined up to give greater support to the eave purlin nokigeta 軒桁 (*gagyou 丸桁), thereby to preventing it from sagging. This arrangement is commonly used in the step canopy *kouhai 向拝, of a shrine or temple building. One example can be found Yakushiji Yasumigaoka Hachimanguu Shaden 薬師寺休ヶ岡八幡宮社殿 (1604) in Nara.

Zuiganji Godaidou 瑞巖寺五大堂 (Miyagi)


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