tsungomihozo 包込ほぞ
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also read tsukkomihozo. Also *sashikomihozo 差込ほぞ. Tsungomi is an abbreviation of tsutsumikomi meaning to wrap up. A right-angled, wooden joint, also called a blind and stub mortise and tenon joint. The tenon is imbedded in the mortise *hozoana ほぞ穴 which is cut only halfway through the timber. It is similar to the *jigokuhozo 地獄ほぞ (hell tenon) but does not have wedges to strengthen it. It may have slits which can expand horizontally to strengthen the joint somewhat. It is used to attach a railing to a post, among other uses.

*arihozo 蟻ほぞ

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