Touhou koshou 桐峯虎声
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also read Douhou Kosei. Lit. Dongfeng's tiger voice. A Zen 禅 dialogue in whiich a tiger is a metaphor for spiritual strength. The story, case 85 of the Biyanlu 碧巌録 (Jp: HEKIGANROKU, 1300), begins when an unidentified monk asks Dongfeng 桐峯 (Jp: Touhou), a little known Rinzai 臨済 monk who is called after his residence on Mt Dong (Jp: Tou 桐), "What would you do if you met a tiger on this mountain?" Dongfeng replies by roaring like a tiger. The monk pretends to be frightened, and Dongfeng laughs. The story is included among "pictures of Zen occasions" *zenki-zu 禅機図. Kanou Sanraku's 狩野山楽 (1590-1651) well-known painting of the theme (Private collection) shows two priests in conversation and a snarling tiger, but adds a Chinese scholar to the scene.


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