Tokuzan 徳山
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: Deshan. The Chinese priest Deshan Xuanchien (Jp:Tokuzan Senkan 徳山宣鑑; 780-865) who helped preserve Zen 禅 after the anti-Buddhist persecution of Emperor Wuzong (Jp: Busou 武宗; 814-46) in 845. The Wumenguan (Jp: MUMONKAN 無門関) describes an incident in which Tokuzan entered the temple dining hall carrying a bowl, only to be rebuked by a young monk for arriving before the sounding of the dinner bell. Several young monks discussed the incident and concluded that it indicated Tokukan's lack of enlightenment. The next day, Tokuzan delivered a tremendous lecture convincing the sceptical young monks that he had indeed attained enlightenment. Paintings of Tokuzan include conventional priest portraits *chinsou 頂相, as well as paintings of groups of famous priests in which he is often depicted carrying a bowl.


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