tatou 畳紙
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
1 An abbreviation of tatougami, or tatamigami. Also known as origami 折紙 and kaishi 懐紙 (also read futokorogami). Folded paper. A sheet of *suiharagami 杉原紙, *danshi 檀紙 or *usuyou 薄様 which is folded in two horizontally and then in four vertically so it is several layers thick. It is kept in one's pocket, and used to jot down the draft of a poem, or as a handkerchief.

2 A thick paper covered with persimmon tannin or lacquer to be strengthened and folded to use as a container for kimonos 着物 as well as paintings or calligraphy on *irogami 色紙.


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