tateba 立て場
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings

1 Small settlements between the larger officially recognized inn towns *shukubamachi 宿場町 on major trunk roads in the Edo period .
These settlements were generally made up of a number of small shops and, especially, kakejaya 掛茶屋, where travellers, porters, litter bearers, and others. could stop to rest and relax.

2 An area along a major trunk route on the outskirts of a castle town *joukamachi 城下町, or shukubamachi equipped with kakejaya where travellers and porters could stop for rest and refreshment.

3 In the *umaya 馬屋 tables of warrior residences, buke yashiki 武家屋敷, and those used for the horses of the gods in shrines *jinja 神社, the usual term for the individual stalls in which the horses were housed. They generally had a low but heavy floor of wooden planks.


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