sumou-e 相撲絵
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Prints of sumou 相撲 wrestlers entering the ring, locked in combat or strolling along busy streets. Together with beautiful women *bijinga 美人画 and actors *yakusha-e 役者絵, sumou wrestlers were a popular print subject throughout the Edo period but particularly from around 1780-1800. Among the earliest prints ofsumou subjects are those by Ippitsusai Bunchou 一筆斎文調 (fl.c. 1765-92) and Isoda Koryuusai 磯田湖龍斎 (fl. mid-1760s-80s) from the 1760s-70s. Particularly realistic prints were made in the 1780s by Katsukawa Shunshou 勝川春章 (1726-93), Toushuusai Sharaku 東洲斎写楽 (fl.1794-5?) and Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾北斎 (1760-1849).


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