Suetsumuhana 末摘花
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
A pictorial subject matter based on Chapter 6, "Safflower" Suetsumuhana of GENJI MONOGATARI 源氏物語 (The Tale of Genji) and the name of that chapter's female protagonist, the penurious but proud daughter of Prince Hitachi 常陸. Genji visits her dilapidated mansion on a spring night. Illustrations of this chapter include Genji and his friend, Tou no Chuujo 頭中将, listening from behind a fence to the Safflower Lady playing the koto 琴 (a scene not actually described in the text). Another is Genji's discovery, on a winter's day, of the princess whose nose was red with cold, and which he therefore likens to a safflower.

*genji-e 源氏絵 

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