shukuzu 縮図
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. abbreviated illustration. A simple miniature copy of an earlier work of art, and, as such, a valuable source of information on early painting. Notable among extant shukuzu are the Tan'yuu Shukuzu 探幽縮図 by Kanou Tan'yuu 狩野探幽 (1602-74), preserved in the Tokyo National Museum and elsewhere, and the Tsunenobu Shukuzu 常信縮図 by KanouTsunenobu 狩野常信 (1636-1713), in the Tokyo University of Arts. These two sets of illustrations, now in handscroll format, were intended both as a source of reference for an artist and as a guide for copying works appraised as highly valuable by the Kanou school *Kanouha 狩野派.


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