Shou Riken 鍾離権
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: Zhong Liquan. One of the Daoist Eight Immortals *hassen 八仙. Originally a general in the army of Zhou dynasty emperor Huan (Jp: Gouou 桓王 r.719-697), he is also known as Yunfang Xiansheng (Jp: Unbou sensei 雲房先生). After a losing battle he reportedly fled into the mountains where he met the Daoist immortal Doughua (Jp: Touka 東花) and learned the secrets of longevity and alchemy as well as swordsmanship. As one of the Eight Immortals he is often shown holding a plumed fan. He is also depicted transmitting Daoist secrets to his disciple Lu Dongbin (Jp: *Ryo Douhin 呂洞賓) a theme known as Shouryo dendou-zu 鍾呂伝道図 (Ch: Zhonglu chuandaotu). Notable examples of the theme include the *Kanouha 狩野派 screens *fusuma 襖 at Nanzenji 南禅寺 and the paintings at Koudaiji 高台寺 attributed to Kanou Takanobu 狩野孝信 (1571-1618). In individual portraits, Zhong often is shown holding a sword while riding across waves.


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