shoumenzuri 正面摺
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also tsuyazuri つや摺 (lustre printing); and sometimes written 上面摺. Lit. printing from the front. A printing technique employed to give a shiny lustre to certain areas of a color woodblock print *ukiyo-e 浮世絵. The name is derived from the fact that instead of laying the sheet of paper to be printed face-down on the carved and inked, reverse-image woodblock (as is the case with a normal impression during color woodblock printing), a special woodblock is carved in which the image has not been reversed. After block-printing is complete, the print is placed face-up on this special woodblock and the areas where lustre is desired are rubbed very hard, traditionally with a boar's tooth choki 猪牙. This has the effect of polishing the fibres of the paper to make it shiny. This technique was used to suggest for instance the glossy black of a satin collar on a woman's kimono 着物.


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