shizaichou 資財帳
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 Catalogs of temples and temple properties compiled from the year 783 by various state-sponsored temples, on the orders of the Imperial Court. The shizaichou included lists of the temple estates, statues, sutras, the history of a temple, as well as the number of monks.

2 The published records of a temple's property. During the Ritsuryou 律令 period which began in the 7c. peaked in the 8c and declined gradually thereafter, there were a complex series of bureaucratic hierarchies designed to render total political and economic power to the the central authorities under the emperor. Shizaichou are a manifestation of this meticulous bureaucratic control in that all kanji 官寺 and jougakuji 定額寺 that is official and government controlled temples were required to list and submit their inventories. All property , images , sutras and the origins of the foundation must be included. These records declined along with the Ritsuryou system and were no longer kept by the mid-Heian period.


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