shintsugi 真継
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
The junction of two lengths of a purlin that are set into the top of a post. The line of the joint is centered to coincide with the center of the post. If the purlin is circular, the top of the post is cut with an equally curved depression so that the beam fits snugly. To tighten the joint, a key *shachi 車知 is often inserted. This type of joint is used when the joined members are short. When two sections of a purlin are joined beyond the part secured by a tenon this is called a cantilevered joint mochidashitsugi 持出継. This joint tends to be weak if it is made more than 30cm from the post. These joints are used for eave purlins *gagyou 丸桁.
Old Anzai 安西 house (Chiba)


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