shinkaku 真角
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
A noh mask *noumen 能面 representing a vengeful ghost, similar to *ayakashi 怪士. Yellow in coloring, the features are more human than many other masks in the category. A broad black moustache heightens the decisiveness in the firm mouth and wrinkles line the forehead and between the eyebrows. Like all strong masks, the eyes have round metallic insets that flash when the mask moves. The protruding veins on the temples forming a 'v' in the middle of the forehead distinguish this mask. Similar veins lend the name to a variant with pale coloring called sujiotoko 筋男 or sujiayakashi 筋怪士. Shinkaku is used in the Konparu 金春 and Kongou 金剛 schools by the main actor in the second act of such plays as FUNABENKEI 船弁慶 (Benkei on the Boat) and IKARIKAZUKI 碇潜 (Anchor for a Handstone).


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