shiketsu 四けつ
KEY WORD : art history /sculptures
Also written 四厥, also kongouketsu 金剛厥. Lit. four pickets. A set of four posts, put up at each corner of a temporary altar, shuhoudan 修法壇, set up to celebrate an esoteric Buddhist ritual *mikkyou hougu 密教法具. The posts were thought to define and protect the sacred area. Shiketsu were originally made of wood but gilt bronze later became the usual material. In the centre are demon's eyes kimoku 鬼目, and above and below the kimoku are lotus flower designs. The top of the post is made in the shape of the Buddhist symbol *houju 宝珠 (a round jewel with a pointed tip), a lotus flower, or a sword. The bottom of the shiketsu has a tenon to be inserted into a mortise on the altar.


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