shibuichi 四分一
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 One fourth of a log or piece of lumber or a 1/4 scale reduction of a structural element. For example, shibuichibashira 四分一柱 means a post made one quarter smaller than an ordinary square post.

2 Thin, black lacquered wood, usually 7.5o by 1.8o, attached to a wall at an inside corner. The wall is first pasted over with paper or cloth harikabe 貼壁.

3 An alloy of copper and silver in a ratio of 4:1, also called rougin 朧銀. It is used for metal bosses *kugikakushi 釘隠 to cover nails on doors or lintels, for the pulls for opaque sliding doors *fusuma 襖 and for other ornamental metal fittings.

*kanagu 金具  

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